I grew up knowing and appreciating the Italians for their proficiency in creating fine wines. As I grew older my admiration grew even more once I had discovered their craftsmanship in watchmaking. Morellato is one such brand that gave birth to a new concept of luxury, a concept that satisfies the tastes of the contemporary customer.    

Make way for Morellato

Here at Sugoi Watches, we have a lot of brands that we love, but we just have to highlight the Morellato collection. The appearance of any of the Morellato watches combined with the functionality makes each watch more than just a device to tell time, but a glamorous accessory as well.  Of course, each watch in the Morellato collection has individual qualities that make them unique, but as an overall collection, they are high quality and beautiful. At sugoiwatches we want you to have a watch on your wrist that complements your aesthetic. This brand has a collection of stunning Stainless steel drop watches that aim to look like a bracelet more than a watch.  The Morellato collection includes many sophisticated quartz women’s watches, for those of you who want to dress up or dress down, meaning you can find a high-quality designer watch, no matter your budget. There are over twenty watches in the Morellato collection, but we have painstakingly narrowed the list down to our top 3 favourite models, that we think would make a great addition to your lifestyle.

Drop-dead Gorgeous

Morellato Drops Quartz Diamond Accents 

The designer drop quartz diamond watch features an eye-catching bracelet designer, with the watch face taking centre stage surrounded by glistening charms. The crowning glory has to be the diamond accents surrounding the traditional analogue clock face. The almost white circles, which represent numbers on the clock face, are complemented by the stainless steel backdrop. This distinctive, and popular, design will add a touch of sophisticated glamour to any outfit.      

Add a Splash of fun with a Ninfa

Morellato Ninfa Quartz Women’s Watch

The Morellato collection does not stop there though, as they have extended this popular collection to include artistic quartz watches as I love to call them but better known as the Nifa collection. The dial background consists of Butterflies, Dragonfly and even the artwork of flowers have been included in this collection, amongst others. When it comes to putting together an outfit, we all need a statement piece that simply grabs everyone’s attention. This could be your statement piece. Similarly to the drop quartz diamond watch, this designer watch has a Stainless Steel, Cuoio, Case, Stainless Steel, Strap or leather Strap. Feel free to choose one that speaks to your style.

Be Bold

Morellato Gaia Quartz Women’s Watch

Last but not least, our final watch on the list comes from the Morellato Gaia Quartz collection. This watch collection is equally stunning as the other two mentioned. We want to focus on the stainless steel Quartz watch with the rose dial clock face. This designer watch, much like the rest of the collection, has been designed by highly-skilled craftsmanship. The stainless steel case surrounds the mineral crystal analogue clock face, the contrast between silver & the Rose dial make the numbers of the face more distinctive. A great addition to any outfit. Are you ready to make a statement?

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