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All listed watches on sugoiwatches.Com come with either our Two Years Extended Worldwide Warranty or 1-2 Years International manufacturer warranty. For brands where we offer our own warranty, in case your watch requires repair or servicing, you can send the watch back to us and we will repair it for you and send it back to you. You only have to pay for the shipping charges. For watches shipped with manufacturer warranty cards, if for any reason your local service centre cannot repair the watch, you can send it to us for service. In such cases, the 2 years extended warranty provided by us applies.

All our watches are new and 100% genuine. We do not at all deal in replica/used/refurbished watches. All our suppliers also deal only in genuine watches. We have quality verification measures in place to ensure that all watches are new and genuine. Each watch is quality inspected before shipping out to you. An international warranty card or a warranty sticker with the date of purchase will be posted on the last page of the instruction manual of your watch. Also, we keep records of dates of purchases by our customers so a warranty card is not necessary while sending the watch to us for repair. Just drop us an email and we will analyse your issue. In case repair is needed we will ask you to send the watch to us, service it and send it back to you.

Offering our own warranty for certain brands allows us to offer you authentic watches at discounted prices. Just like the manufacturer, our warranty covers all manufacturing defects and associated costs except the shipping costs. And to minimise the chance that you will ever need it in the first place, we inspect each watch before it leaves our warehouse so the only possible defects are those that appear during use.

We have a long history of satisfying customers with 100% brand new, complete, authentic watches, attentive customer service, and fast shipping.

For our warranty, please refer to the conditions of the warranty:


1.  The warranty only covers the internal mechanism of the watch.

2.  The warranty does not cover the watch case, watch bracelet, straps, glass or battery.

3.  The warranty does not cover external damage to the watch, case, crown and the face of the watch.

4.  Damage to the mechanism of the watch due to rough use, dropping, banging etc. is not covered. Damage to the crown and mechanism due to pulling the crown too hard is also not covered.

5. The warranty is void if the watch has been tampered with. It is fairly easy for the service centre to tell if the watch is not working or damaged due to user action or if the watch has been tampered with. In such cases, there will be a charge for the repair which will be assessed by the service centre.
For automatic watches, please refer to this.

If your new automatic watch is running too fast or too slow or seems to have stopped, do not panic. An automatic watch is an investment of time and effort and unlike quartz watches (battery operated) it may take some time to start keeping good time. This is true especially for lower range automatic watches (i.e. not “chronometers”). For your watch to start keeping good time, the mainspring needs to be completely wound first. The way to do that is to use a watch winder or shake and wear the watch continuously. You will have to initiate the watch also by turning the crown in a clockwise direction 40 to 50 times. Like most mechanical devices, a new automatic watch (or a watch that has not been used for some time) has a break-in period that lasts for about a month or so. During this time, your watch is distributing the oil around and is breaking in its gears. You need to wear the watch or have a winder do the job.

There are some simple steps you can take to regulate your watch as well:
Take the watch off at night and place according to below:
1. If your watch is running slow: lay it flat with the dial-up.

2. If your watch is running fast: lay the watch vertically with the crown downwards.

3. If your watch is running too fast: lay the watch vertically with the crown up.

If you watch is still running fast or slow by a large margin the most likely cause is that the mainspring may have gotten itself caught on one of the screws inside the watch. To get it freed up, try this: Place the watch on your palm with the crystal down and slap the watch. If this freed up the mainspring it should start keeping good time.

For the watch to have full power reserve it has to be worn for a minimum for 8 hours a day. If you have not worn the watch for a couple of days, please initiate the watch again by rotating the crown clockwise for 30 to 40 times.

If you have given you watch time to settle and tried the above steps it should start keeping good time. You can also take the watch to a nearby watch shop and they should be able to regulate it (or free up the mainspring if it is stuck) for you for a small fee. Since automatic watches need periodic servicing to keep good time, our warranty does not cover periodic servicing of these watches. We really cannot afford to offer low prices on watches + servicing for automatic watches, so if you require service within the first 2 years, a nominal fee of USD 40 is charged.


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